Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vegan & Cruelty Free... + T.A.T.

ok, I just want to clarify this: to me, vegan & cruelty free are TWO different things. To me, vegan is NO animal products or by products [beeswax & carmine being most common] & cruelty free is not tested on animals. NONE of my products are tested on animals - besides, I don't think my dogs would hold still enough to let me put eyeshadow on them [not that I would anyway!]. I do carry some products that contain carmine & beeswax but am currently looking into vegan options for the beeswax so that vegans may also enjoy our lip glosses, balms, & [coming soon] solid perfumes.

now onto our T.A.T [turn around time]: i strive to keep the t.a.t as short as possible... HOWEVER, being a mom to 2 infants [14m & 2m] & 2 furbabies, in school full time, & having to do the domestics, life tends to get ahead of me sometimes to where the end of the day I'm too tired to sit down in the office & do anything. so, as a general rule, our T.A.T is a week. sometimes shorter but no more. (:

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