Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pretty in pinks: the first tutorial.

This is the first tutorial EVER done by me. (:  After all the suggestions to do one, I finally did it! I used pinks & a red for this look, so here we go - step by step! Feel free to substitute with whatever colors you have on hand & whatever eye goodies you have. All eyeshadows, the foiling serum, & eyeshadow primer are Lucky107.

What makes the magic happen. (:

 The Eyeshadows needed for this look:
»Gryffindor - from the Harry Potter House Collection
»Southern Belle - from the G.R.I.T.S Collection
»mNg in a Jar - single pigmie
»Samcro - from the Sons of Anarchy Collection 
»/facepalm - from the Interwebs Collection 

The eye goodies:
»Concrete - eyeshadow primer
»Drat! Foiled Again - foiling serum
»NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - base   

More eye goodies:
»Almay Intense I-Color in Black Pearl - liquid eyeliner
»Wet 'n' Wild in Black - pencil eyeliner
»Prestige "My Biggest Lashes" in Very Black - mascara

»Bella - creme blush

The "magic" tools:
»Small brush - the is a small random brush I had laying around - its not necessary but it makes crease work so much easier.
»Studio Tools Medium Eyeshadow brush- I got mine from Target

Now that we have everything we need assembled, lets get started... 
 First start off with priming your entire eye [from lash line all the way up to your eyebrow] with the Concrete. You only need a little bit. Too much & your eye will get all slimy & nothing will stick.

Next you need to apply your base. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil [color: milk]. These things are a godsend! I picked up 2 for $7 [including shipping] off ebay. I picked up milk & black bean but we're only using milk for this eye design. (:

 Once you "color" on your lid [again, start out with using a little bit & blending into your eye.. you can always add more if need be - too much & it'll crease & crack & look yucky] You can barely see it on my lid, but it is noticeably whiter in person.

Next we need our foiling serum [Drat! Foiled Again], medium eyeshadow brush, & Gryffindor.

Squeeze a little bit of the foiling serum from the tube & get the tip of the brush barely wet [wet enough to hold pigment, but not too wet -- too wet & your eyes will start to get a warming sensation to them if this happens, wipe everything off & start over]. Then dip it into Gryffindor until you have picked up enough pigment to cover JUST YOUR LID.
 Cover JUST your lid with Gryffindor.
 Next, dry your brush off really well & make sure you have no other pigment on it. Then dip it into Southern Belle
Apply Southern Belle in your crease & fade up to your brow bone.
 Repeat the process with mNg in a Jar but don't fade all the way up to the brow bone.
 Then take your little brush [if you have it]....
 & use it to apply Samco into the deepest part of your crease. DO NOT FADE.

 Yep, go back to this brush. its time to highlight!
 You need the lightest color in your arsenal for this, & in our case, it's /facepalm from the Interwebs Collection.

 Apply to under your eyebrow & fade into your pinks & over them to soften the colors.

Woo! Eyeshadows are done! Now its time to make these suckers pop with some eyeliner...
 liquid eyeliner...

 & mascara...

TADA! (:

This next step is optional but it adds a nice tint to your cheeks. Take a dab of Bella creme blush & smear it on your cheek bones. The more you apply, the darker the color becomes.

& voila! The final product! <3

 So I hope you loverlies enjoyed my first tutorial. This style was actually a dupe from another makeup junkie. (: Here is the link to my inspiration:  Confessions of a Glitterholic.


  1. Very nice! Job well done, lady =)

  2. Hello gorgeous! :) Thanks for putting mNg in A Jar out there. Is Southern Belle another pink? :D:D:D

  3. @shel: thank you lady. (: i was "hounded" a bunch to do one. i hope i did it right.

    @mNg: yes maam. theres also "rose" from dr who & "goodie2shoes" [its an almost whitish pinky]. i do plan on making more, promise! :D