Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Changes to Lucky107 [policies, shipping, products, etc..]

I know I just wrote a post on whats going on here at the studio, but I have made some more changes & these are slowly being phased in. As a recap [& to add further information to past updates], I will be reiterating changes that I mentioned in the last post. So get ready to be introduced to the whole new Lucky 107. (:

+ Pigmies & Collections:Single Colors [also known as "pigmies"] are now $3.75 each for a 5g jar. Please note that you do not get 5g of product. It is sold base on the volume of product that will fit in the jar, not on weight [as that some minerals weigh more than others]. Also, collections can no longer be separated. I have thought long & hard about this decision & find it best to not separate them. You can, however, still order a color out of the collection in then sample pack to see if that color from the collection will work for you but to get the color in a 5g jar you must order the full collection. sorry. ):

Due to the rise in shipping costs at the post office, I have to now start charging shipping. It is $3 for the first item [ie: 1 5g pigmie jar, 1 collection, 1 lipgloss, etc...] & then 50cents for each additional item afterwards. HOWEVER, since sugar scrubs are so heavy they are $4 for shipping & then 50cents for each additional item. Need me to ship international? Its a flat $7 - unless you are ordering just 1 pigmie, then its $3. 

+Shipping Policy:
At this current point in time we only ship on Fridays because I have an infant & a 1 year old & it is really hard to take them in & out of the vehicle by myself. Now I'm not making excuses, but for now I will only ship Fridays. Should you need it mailed to you sooner, please email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com to discuss priority shipping prices. Please be aware that I have been told that shipping it priority does not guarantee that you will receive it in 2-3 days so please plan accordingly.  

All products will now contain an ingredients label, a label that has the name on it with what its used for [ie: eyes, face, lip, or nails... or a combo of the 4], & my information: artfire.com/users/lucky107 * Made in OKC * Dist by: Lucky107

+Birthday Club:
Want to get a special little something in your birthday month? Sign up for the "Ladies of Luck" Birthday Club. Email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com with the following information:
-Email Address
-Favorite Color
-Eye Color 

+Vegan or Not:
Not all of our products are vegan. Most of our reds & pinks & some of our purples contain Carmine. "Carmine is a brilliant red dye made from crushed scale insects, typically cochineal or Polish cochineal insects" -wisegeek.com  Our lipgloss base & lipbalm base also contains beeswax which make these not vegan! In the product listing & on the label for the product, it will tell you if it's vegan or not.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product we can not accept a return or exchange on any makeup product. However if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, please email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com & I will be more than happy to offer you store credit or send you a different product.

+"Bulk" Sales:
Coming soon... 
Buy 4 pigmies for $11 + shipping.
Buy 5 pigmies for $15 + shipping. 

+From Sample to Full Size:
If you purchase a sample of an eyeshadow color then decide you like it, receive 50cents off the full 5g jar! (:

I believe that's it for now... Will edit as I see fit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

upcoming changes in february 2011

hello loverlies.
there are some changes taking place in February. nothing major, nothing serious. i've just been talking with some mineral makeup [mmu] gurus & have had the wonderful opportunity to have the review some things from the shop in efforts to make them better. so, here's what to look forward to starting February 1st:
+ all 5g single colors will be $3.75. 
collection prices will still depend on packaging, cost of production, & cost of shipping.
+ get 50cents off a 5g jar eyeshadow purchase.
when you buy a sample, if you decide you love the color sooooooooo much get 50cents off the full size jar at your next order! *you will receive a coupon code in your sample package to use at checkout - must be redeemed at the artfire store.
+new products & product listings.
i will be changing the way i list things & how they are presented on fb & artfire.com. it is all ready in the works but will be completed by then.
+new promotions. :D
theyre a secret as to which one[s] until then. tehee.  

i believe thats it. i have a few orders out for reviews, & i will post the review &/or the link when i receive them. if you're a mmu blogger who does reviews, please email me so i can set up something for you to review. :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

important changes to lucky107 ♥

hello loverlies.

its been a long time coming since my last update & i have been a very busy bee... i had my baby [23dec @ 335am ON MY BATHROOM FLOOR! he weighed 6lbs 12oz & was 20in long♥], celebrated Christmas via webcam with my family on the east coast, celebrated my oldests son's first birthday with my family on the east coast [via webcam] & my cowboy church family. ♥ but i digress.

i am making some changes to the shop to better ensure that we are tightly following the guidelines of the FDA so there are no miscommunications and everyone is on the same page.

as i have been saying for a while, i will ONLY ship on fridays. need it sooner? priority mail is an extra $5 & your order will be shipped the next day [providing the next day isn't a sunday or the PO isn't closed due to a holiday]. please be advised, that i have been made aware [through word of mouth & my own experience], shipping something priority DOESN'T mean that it's guaranteed to make it there by the requested date. sorry, but this is what the PO has told people i know & i just want to relay the message.

due to the nature of our products [ie: the makeup and bath/body products] we can not accept exchanges. however, if you are in any way unsatisfied with your purchase please return all items to me for a full refund minus the cost of shipping. if you need to exchange any article of clothing or accessory, please return the item to me & i will ship out your exchange [of equal or lesser value -- if your new items costs more than the previous item, please pay the difference] when i receive the original item. to discuss all returns & exchanges, please email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com

always accepted. always free of charge.
in compliance with the FDA you will see a change in our labeling system of the makeup. i am currently awaiting the proper labels for that clean professional look, so at the moment the labels to be seen on your products are temporary until the new labels arrive.
an up-to-date ingredient list is always available on all makeup we make. in addition to the new labels, the ingredients will be listed on the makeup as well. you may also always see the ingredient list here.

please note that not all of products are vegan. the ones that are are labeled as such.

our eyeshadow pots are considered to by 5gram pots. HOWEVER! they do not hold 5grams worth of product. ):  so the pots are filled by volume, not weight. sorry...  

now that all of the changes have been brought to everyones attention, here is what's coming up for us!

in chapstick like tubes, pots, & wands. yayyy! ♥

collections & single colors coming sooooon!! 

to take place of the ViP membership. (:  this is open to everyone. just email me your birthday, mailing address, eye color, favorite color & email address & sometime during the month of your birthday you will receive a surprise! it will usually happen around the 15th of the month. you can receive anything from samples, to full size pots, to gift certificates, to coupon codes for the store. its a grab bag of awesomeness! how will i decide who gets what in their birthday month? i will put the above prize options into a random generator & that will pick the gift for the month. & yes, it is still called "ladies of luck".

in order to expand our fan base, i have opened an artfire! you can check it out here. some things are not available on artfire that are available through the fan page, so make sure you keep checking that fan page. but everything on artfire is available on the fan page. (:
so i think thats everything. i hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! i know i did... now its back to the "grind" & getting everything in the shop caught up to speed.