Monday, January 17, 2011

upcoming changes in february 2011

hello loverlies.
there are some changes taking place in February. nothing major, nothing serious. i've just been talking with some mineral makeup [mmu] gurus & have had the wonderful opportunity to have the review some things from the shop in efforts to make them better. so, here's what to look forward to starting February 1st:
+ all 5g single colors will be $3.75. 
collection prices will still depend on packaging, cost of production, & cost of shipping.
+ get 50cents off a 5g jar eyeshadow purchase.
when you buy a sample, if you decide you love the color sooooooooo much get 50cents off the full size jar at your next order! *you will receive a coupon code in your sample package to use at checkout - must be redeemed at the artfire store.
+new products & product listings.
i will be changing the way i list things & how they are presented on fb & it is all ready in the works but will be completed by then.
+new promotions. :D
theyre a secret as to which one[s] until then. tehee.  

i believe thats it. i have a few orders out for reviews, & i will post the review &/or the link when i receive them. if you're a mmu blogger who does reviews, please email me so i can set up something for you to review. :D

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