Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Changes to Lucky107 [policies, shipping, products, etc..]

I know I just wrote a post on whats going on here at the studio, but I have made some more changes & these are slowly being phased in. As a recap [& to add further information to past updates], I will be reiterating changes that I mentioned in the last post. So get ready to be introduced to the whole new Lucky 107. (:

+ Pigmies & Collections:Single Colors [also known as "pigmies"] are now $3.75 each for a 5g jar. Please note that you do not get 5g of product. It is sold base on the volume of product that will fit in the jar, not on weight [as that some minerals weigh more than others]. Also, collections can no longer be separated. I have thought long & hard about this decision & find it best to not separate them. You can, however, still order a color out of the collection in then sample pack to see if that color from the collection will work for you but to get the color in a 5g jar you must order the full collection. sorry. ):

Due to the rise in shipping costs at the post office, I have to now start charging shipping. It is $3 for the first item [ie: 1 5g pigmie jar, 1 collection, 1 lipgloss, etc...] & then 50cents for each additional item afterwards. HOWEVER, since sugar scrubs are so heavy they are $4 for shipping & then 50cents for each additional item. Need me to ship international? Its a flat $7 - unless you are ordering just 1 pigmie, then its $3. 

+Shipping Policy:
At this current point in time we only ship on Fridays because I have an infant & a 1 year old & it is really hard to take them in & out of the vehicle by myself. Now I'm not making excuses, but for now I will only ship Fridays. Should you need it mailed to you sooner, please email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com to discuss priority shipping prices. Please be aware that I have been told that shipping it priority does not guarantee that you will receive it in 2-3 days so please plan accordingly.  

All products will now contain an ingredients label, a label that has the name on it with what its used for [ie: eyes, face, lip, or nails... or a combo of the 4], & my information: artfire.com/users/lucky107 * Made in OKC * Dist by: Lucky107

+Birthday Club:
Want to get a special little something in your birthday month? Sign up for the "Ladies of Luck" Birthday Club. Email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com with the following information:
-Email Address
-Favorite Color
-Eye Color 

+Vegan or Not:
Not all of our products are vegan. Most of our reds & pinks & some of our purples contain Carmine. "Carmine is a brilliant red dye made from crushed scale insects, typically cochineal or Polish cochineal insects" -wisegeek.com  Our lipgloss base & lipbalm base also contains beeswax which make these not vegan! In the product listing & on the label for the product, it will tell you if it's vegan or not.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product we can not accept a return or exchange on any makeup product. However if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, please email me at: lucky107cosmetics@gmail.com & I will be more than happy to offer you store credit or send you a different product.

+"Bulk" Sales:
Coming soon... 
Buy 4 pigmies for $11 + shipping.
Buy 5 pigmies for $15 + shipping. 

+From Sample to Full Size:
If you purchase a sample of an eyeshadow color then decide you like it, receive 50cents off the full 5g jar! (:

I believe that's it for now... Will edit as I see fit.

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