Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shipping: Prices & Refunds - What to Expect.

i just wanted to clarify some things when it comes to shipping so as to not confuse anyone & to make service a bit easier. shipping within the US [hawaii & alaska included] is $3 for the first item & 50¢ for each additional item. it'll come in a small white box with the pretty packaging [seen here]. when shipped, your order will have a delivery confirmation number which will be emailed to you with your detailed invoice. (:

now with international shipping [APO/FPO do NOT count as international... they will be considered US mail & military members get FREE shipping]: it will cost $7 for the first item & 50¢ for each additional item. price seem a bit steep for one eyeshadow? you can opt out of the extensive packaging & go for your items wrapped in tissue paper in a bubble mailer. HOWEVER, your original invoice will still be marked for $7 but you will be refunded the difference [see below for more details]. international shipping, however, does NOT come with a delivery confirmation number. this isn't because i said so - its a USPS thing. sorry. ):

now on to refunds: if your shipping cost is LESS than the price i charged you for shipping, you will be refunded the difference. (:  you won't be refunded the difference until i make it to the PO & ship out your order.

if you have any questions regarding shipping, packaging options, or refunds please shoot me an email at:


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