Monday, December 20, 2010

ladies of luck: frequent buyer card

hello my loverlies.
after seeing so much good response on everyone wanting me to do a frequent buyers program, i've decided to accept applications. if you do not plan on buying from the store, please do not apply for a card. this is for serious members only. for the time being, i am accepting only the first 25. here's what the frequent buyer program gets you:

*for every $100 you spend, get a $10 gift card for the shop
*during the month of your birthday, receive a special reward [rewards will be sent towards the middle of end of the month]
*get special discounts & sales NOT listed on the fan page.
*best of all: i keep track of everything & previous orders [made before this program] get added in to your purchase title.

sound interested? please copy & paste the form below & email it to - remember, its only available for the first 25! i will eventually open it up to more, but for right now, its the first 25. 
*mailing address:
*email address:
*paypal email address:
*favorite eyeshadow colors [ie: browns, pinks, reds, etc]
*eye color:

get your apps in while you can!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

busy busy bee says me. :D

i've been quite a busy lady tonight. i was planning on taking the night off & catching up on my scrapbooking of hunter's scrapbook but my printer is almost out of ink. ):  so instead, i worked on 2 new single colors & a collection. (:

cost: $20 - includes shipping.
for more detailed information on this collection, please view the album on our facebook page.
We've also created 2 new single colors.
"Mistletoe" [view][$3.50 - includes shipping]
"Cliffhanger" [view][$3.00 - includes shipping]

in the very near future, i will be making an earth tone collection but i'm waiting for my huge batch of supplies to get here that i just ordered for my bday. go me! if you would like a custom color request or color collection request, don't hesitate to email me at: & we will talk. ♥

Friday, December 10, 2010

we have a blog! ♥

hey look! we finally have a blog! the blog will be used for promotions, updates, new products, et cetra et cetra. go me for stopping the procrastination & getting this done. (:  i've been quite a busy bee the past 2 days [made a whole bunch of stuff - see right], so i think i'm going to take a break tonight & work on my scrapbook for my son, who turns a year next month! where, oh where, did the time go?!