Sunday, December 12, 2010

busy busy bee says me. :D

i've been quite a busy lady tonight. i was planning on taking the night off & catching up on my scrapbooking of hunter's scrapbook but my printer is almost out of ink. ):  so instead, i worked on 2 new single colors & a collection. (:

cost: $20 - includes shipping.
for more detailed information on this collection, please view the album on our facebook page.
We've also created 2 new single colors.
"Mistletoe" [view][$3.50 - includes shipping]
"Cliffhanger" [view][$3.00 - includes shipping]

in the very near future, i will be making an earth tone collection but i'm waiting for my huge batch of supplies to get here that i just ordered for my bday. go me! if you would like a custom color request or color collection request, don't hesitate to email me at: & we will talk. ♥

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