Monday, August 22, 2011

Some insight into the company changes.. including our own domain name!

Well, my loverlies, after months of fighting & the run around with the great state of Oklahoma, I am happy to say I finally got my sales permit! (:  That being said, I unfortunately have to charge state tax of 4.5% + the city/county tax of any Oklahoma resident. ):  I have a website that I go to to figure out what your city/county tax is. I know zip code 73132 is 8.375% [that includes the state].... For now, when you order via email [still setting up shop], I will include this sales tax. When I finally get the site running, it will automatically charge Oklahoma residents 4.5% & I will have to go through individually to collect your city/county tax. I am sorry of any inconvenience this has caused. [this became effective 19august2011]

Also, at the request of a customer, we have added an additional shipping option of a standard bubble mailer for $2.50 for the first item & 50c for each additional item. Collections, sample packs, eyeshadow bundle packs, etc count as 1 item. When placing an order, if you wish to have this cheaper option, please email me first so that I may post a custom listing for you.

Also! All orders over $15 [before shipping] will receive 15% off! This will last until I open the store front.

One last thing! WE HAVE OUR OWN DOMAIN NAME!! woooo!!! Check it out:

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