Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming up in August...

Hey ladies! Some wonderful new things are happening over here in the studio. (: Before I put this off any longer, I figure I would keep you updated!

Coming soon!
  • Our "Concrete" Eye primer will no longer sold in 10g pots. Instead they will be sold in lippie squeeze tubes... like these:
    We will be using "flat top squeezies"
    The price will be raised from $3 to $4.50.
  • We will also be raising the prices our some products. They will be as follows:
    • Full Size Eyeshadows: $5
    • Eyeshadow Samples: $1
    • Collections: +$1.25
    • Liquid Samples {Gloss, Creme Blush, Solid Perfumes, etc}: $2
    • Lotion Bar Samples: $2.50 
    • Matte About You Face Powder {full size}: $12 
    • Matter About You Face Powder {sample - 10g jar}: $3 
  • Some products will be discontinued & will be sold via facebook until they run out:
    • "Goodie2Shoes": $2.50
    • "Kiss the Frog": $2
    • "Kiss the Prince": $2
  • Shipping changes will be that shipping is $5 flat for the US & $10 for international. International packages will also be sent in bubble mailers instead of boxes.
  • We will no longer be selling on ArtFire. I am working on a website & our products will be sold through there. This may not happen at the beginning of August but I will make the announcement when ArtFire is no more.
  • PALETTES! That's right.. we will be selling palettes! They will be limited edition & will be released sometime in late August.
  • Memberships? Quite possibly. This is something I'm still debating. If you sign up for the membership, all previous purchases will go towards your membership point system. This is NOT in conjunction with the birthday club. They are 2 separate entities. However, I am still unsure about doing this. 
That is all I can remember for now. Hope everyone is just as excited as I am. Also! Don't forget the referral contest. For every referral, you get 1 ticket entry into winning a full size "Kiss Me Goodnight" eyeshadow & full size "Concrete" eye primer.
Kiss Me Goodnight Eyeshadow
In order to pick the winner I will use to go from 1 to however many entries there are & who ever has the winning number will win. :D Contest ends the 23rd of July at midnight CST. Happy referring!

Sidenote: Until August 1, take 40% off your entire order using code: LASTCHANCE

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