Friday, April 22, 2011

closing for a week, moving, & "ladies of luck"

hello again!
some big things are happening over here & i just wanted to get everyone up to speed.

first off, we are MOVING!! come april 28th, i will have packed up shop & be on my way into my new house & new office space. (: as of friday, april 22nd, lucky 107 will be SHUT DOWN until i get things settled in the new place. why? well, long story short, something happened with us being able to move in april 28th so we will be staying in a hotel until may 3rd & i do not think creating pretties for you loverlies in a hotel is the most sanitary thing to do... so i have made an executive decision to close for approximately 2weeks.

well, that covered points one & two... now onto the "ladies of luck" birthday club.

to receive a free birthday gift from lucky107 you MUST submit the following application DURING YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH! if i receive the application, before or after your birthday month, it will be ignored. i'm sorry i have to do it this way, it's just really hard to get flooded with tons of emails & then half the time people forget they applied or they're only visiting the fanpage because they saw "free gift". this is a way for me to "weed out" those that are just looking to scored something for free. anyhow! please remit the following application to DURING YOUR BDAY MONTH.
+ Name 
+ Birthday
+ Eye Color
+ Favorite Color
+ Allergies
+ Vegan/Vegetarian

birthday gifts will be mailed the month after your birthday. please see the list below on when to expect your gift:
+ January-March 2010: mailed in April due to complications.
+ April: will be mailed in May
+ May: will be mailed in June
+ June: will be mailed in July
+ July: will be mailed in August
+ August: will be mailed in September
+ September: will be mailed in October
+ October: will be mailed in November
+ November: will be mailed in December
+ December: will be mailed in January
+ January 2011 [& forward]: will be mailed in February
+ February 2011 [& forward]: will be mailed in March
+ March 2011 [& forward]: will be mailed in April

well, that's all for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter & Passover... I will update everyone when we reopen.

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