Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow! It's been a long time coming since I have updated the blog; things got carried away with my home life & in the office. First things first: I hope everyone had a safe & wonderful holiday season. There are some changes that have been made to Lucky 107, so let's get started.

Ladies of Luck  Program:
When the LOL program was started, it was 1 point earned for every $5 spent. I have since changed the policy to every dollar spent is one point. (: This makes it easier to rack up those points to earn towards your rewards! Not a Ladies of Luck member? Go here. The prizes may end up changing but not really sure.

Strike it Lucky:
This is our clearance section of the store. When we do promotions, this section is not included in discounts {except for the LOL discounts earned}.
Discontinued Products:
Some products are being permanently discontinued & will be available in the Strike it Lucky section of the store.
"Zombie" Size LE Halloween Collection: $30 $15
3 full size "Hallow's Eve" collection colors, "VampKiss" caramel apple flavored lip blush, a hair bow made by Crafty Mommas, a monster ring made by The Crafty Owl, 3 pixie sticks, & a 30% off your next order coupon code
"Fledgling" Size LE Halloween Collection: $10 $6
3 sample size "Hallow's Eve" collection colors, "VampKiss" caramel apple flavored lip blush, 3 pixie sticks, & a 15% off your next order coupon code

"Kiss the Frog" Eyeshadow: $5.00 $2.50
a matte, froggy green

"Kiss the Prince" Eyeshadow: $5.00 $2.50
"Kiss the Frog" with an added punch of glitter

"Nibs" Eyeshadow: $5.00 $2.50
an olive drab, matte, brown
More might be added later, but for now, this is what is being discontinued.

What to expect during 2012:
Lucky 107 will be venturing into minor bath & body products {soaps, body scrubs, & some skin care products}; as well as random grab bags, themed grabs bags, etc. Also, our lip glosses will be getting a make over in both formulation & packaging. Our solid lotions will also be getting a make over. :D

Can't wait to see what 2012 holds in stock for us!

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